Dear Visitors and interested Parties,

my name is Joachim Busenius and I am an Engineer of Business Administration (Finance). Since 1994, I have been active on the investment market with my first purchase of Deutsche Telekom shares.



On the Forex trading I am also for 5 years now and on 22 April 2016 I opened the account @JBinvest at eToro.

For my trading, I use commercial trading analysis tools and signaling devices. Also are used developed and programmed indicators to achieve maximum safety, with the target of achieving a steady and sustainable growth. The Annual Target of 2016 with 10% was more than reached with 12,6% and Annual Target of 2017 with 15% was crosses over at beginning of December and ends than with 13,8%. An annual target of 2018 was planned with more than 18%. This was reached at 16 June 2018. Now I set an new Extended Annual Target of 2018 with 10% on the top.

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