Annual Report 2018/19

Annual Report 2018/19

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Many thanks to all the Copiers for their confidence in my work. The year 2018 ended with a very good interest rate / Profit of 17.01% in the bar chart or 19.86% in the JBinvest Chart. This discrepancy of the figures has already been sent to eToro for clarification.
Unfortunately, since the beginning of 2019, the display of the JBinvest charts by eToro has now been limited of 2 years and so I can not post a complete history of JBinvest. But is also at eToro for clarification . As soon as there is new information, I will post it.
It was a turbulent year full of twists and turns, most of which were triggered by the USA. You know what I mean!
The changes in interest rate policy and the many construction sites in Europe, like Britain, Italy or even France and the general Europe uncertainty in the direction of anti-democracy!
Also the trade fights, oil fights, military expansions and general geostrategic advantage search are further insecurity potentials!

In the month of consideration of the return development, it was definitely the time between July and September, in which we experienced strong fluctuations, summer hole!?! Of course that was not nice, but as you can see clearly again, this was not a broken leg! Patience wins vs impatience!
In 2019, I will be adjusting my trading strongly to the summer anomalies to effectively avoid such an unnecessary downward move in the future. This movement has prevented us from reaching the enhanced 2018 target. Was simply unnice.

Despite this summer hole, it should also be noted that only a few copiers, which have copied me in June or December 2018 New, still have no profit. All others have definite profits, as we are at the all-time high of JBinvest since the beginning of JBinvest in 2016. Exceptions are copiers, which did not take over my “open trades. Here, negative values ​​may have arisen. Here I call again to take over my “open trades”.

My 2018 trading was stronger in profit than each years before, although all other markets in 2018 fell very sharply. The cryptos were the biggest losers in 2018, followed by indices (stocks) and eventually oil.

Basically, I will use my experience, to go the safe and solid trading way and continue to provide me as an alternative for you. Since starting 3 years ago, I was able to finish every year with a very good double-digit profit. In the last 32 months, we have now reached a strong 53.43% (based on JBinvest Chart). No bank or fund in the world offers such an interest value! See example “DIRK MÜLLER PREMIUM SHARES”

You can view again all my goals (history) and their implementation in the Feed Post

After long deliberation and calculations on the state of the current market, the global political situation, changes in interest rates and the current conflicts in the geopolitical situation, it is very difficult to estimate the probabilities and the possibilities. That’s why I included more uncertainty in the calculation than Normal. Finally, I have decided on the different calculated scenarios for the lower calculation of a further 18% profit to be achieved. I know that’s brave! But it should be about 17%, is that still a very good return and should it be about 19% or more, then that’s certainly not bad.

It is a courageous but realistic Target, which under the current conditions should be possible with a lot of work perspiration and carefulness. But I do not know the future either! Everything is based on a probability calculation.

If you are looking for safe with good returns for your capital, then I think you are right with me, even if there are no guarantees for this. I work every day with over 25 years of trading experience to ensure that your and my capital receive a good return, on Investments with low risk values ​​and thoughtful investments.

If you have any questions you can reach me via my website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. Link’s can be found in my “BIO” on the right side of my eToro feed profile. I would be very pleased to have your trust for the future.

Basically, target savings money is possible with me. Start with a copy of initial capital and increase your investment each month by a defined amount. There will surely be a nice sum over time.

Wish you a healthy, peaceful and successful 2019
Hearty Greetings
Joachim @JBinvest 


JULY 2018

First Half Year Report 2018

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

The first half of 2018 is over and it is time to revisit the story and a promising outlook for the second half of 2018. First, we will briefly recall the events of the last 6 months in summary.

January went with FlipFlopTrump into another year of rumors and confrontations. FlipFlopTrump discovers a strong dollar as great now and tells it out loud in Davos in the world. The dollar was once again weak, despite the US labor market is running, Interest rates are rising and rising, quantity of money is reducing and the Fed’s total assets are reducing. At the beginning of January, we was in a consolidation, which became stronger at the end of the month. 

This consolidation was stronger than this one we have at the moment. At that time, the catapult safety method responded very well again to prevent more severe losses. Therefore, the catapult was very tense and had paid off very well for us in February. This has continued slightly until March. Only the copiers, who had the patience, the trust and the time, got that! Well, it was also a big step back, so we could take an even bigger step forward.

March has therefore not had the same momentum as February, as now FlipFlopTrump China punitive tariffs brought into play and we know how that it all went forward. April was more sideways and down. Changeable as the weather. Except the Netanjahu gave his friend FlipFlopTrump a reason to quit the Iran deal. At the beginning of April we took a step backwards by about 4% because of the “CAD” technical correction and we worked it back in April again. FlipFlopTrump with the China punitive tariffs have reached another high phase. More in April were still: 10000 followers (Wow), the interview with Mick Knauff (in German), and since 21 April 2 years JBinvest now with 45% profit.

In May, FlipFlopTrump came with its Iran Deal decision and “from North Korea with Love”. The dollar has started to rise again and May was very friendly to us, which came with the hope of forming a government in Italy. June brought us on the 16.6 reaching the set annual target 2018 of 18%. An extended annual target 2018 of 10% was then set. The market is currently undecided and is swinging in many investment products in a more or less sideways movement to an extended consolidation (USDCAD). The OPEC had your meeting and who be wondering, they increase the oil production. The trade war intensifies and in Europe opinions on common action are getting further and further apart. The agreement in the migration will not last long. That was the summary.

Here are some statistics:

1493 trades were made in the first 6 months
With 130 trading days, that’s an average of 11.5 trades each day, an average of 57.5 trades a week!
564 (of which 482 were hedge positions) were closed with Red
929 were closed with Green (about a ratio of 1: 2)

Interview with Mike Knauff here (only German language): Click here

Where do we stand with our JBinvest Chart from eToro?

With consolidations triggered last week, we took a small step back and are roughly in the middle of the secondary ascent channel to take a run-up. At the moment, the catapults start to get stronger again and then move up as soon again as possible. So the plan, as always the same procedure. Although we have positioned ourselves below the linear extended annual target line for the moment, we are only really beginning to make the second half of the year successful for us. And if the catapults gets stronger tense at the beginning, is that very good for us!

It looks very good to us and I’m sure that we will be able to implement our extended annual target and maybe a little bit more. Thank you to all copiers for your trust, patience and your time. With you I have received the rank of a Rising Star from eToro and now there are almost 350 copiers. Many thanks to you.

A hearty welcome and thank you to all the new Copiers. It is amazing how many it was!
And all Copiers who are still with me and have time, trust and patience. A hearty thank you to all of you. 🙂  

I wish you all a beautiful time and be careful out there!
Hearty Greetings, Joachim

And always remember two thoughts:

  • The stock market is an instrument to transfer money for the impatient to the patient! from Warren Buffet
  • We can not force or manipulate market movements because we are not Goldman Sachs or FlipFlopTrump! from me. 😀

(Goldman Sachs got $ 900 million financial penalties for interest-rate manipulation in 2016. FlipFlopTrump for Twitter Mania and FakeNews shared and posted from himself)



Hello Copier and Follower,

many thanks to all my copiers. Without you, it would just be work. With you it is a fulfilling task with joy for me.

The year 2017 ends with a very good 13.8% interest now. It was a turbulent year full of twists and turns, much of it triggered by the US. You know what I mean! But it was definitive in the month considering only the June, in which we had to accept strong fluctuations. Of course that was not nice, but as you can clearly see, it was not a broken leg, just annoying! 🙂 My trading this year was not modern or even hip, as everyone only had to buy Crypto currency and had a much better success. Congratulations for the courage. But that is not trading and certainly not sure what the Crypto currencies clearly showed in recent days and kept me away from taking action here.

I will continue to go from experience the safe and solid profit path and continue to provide as an alternative for you.

In the last 20 months, I have achieved a strong 28.1% now and on reaching the 2018 target, it will be a great 50.3%, and that in 32 months. No bank in the world offers such a yield value!

Of course, you also have all the many bank bailouts with a total of several trillions (European trillions) in mind and this money is printed by Mario Dragi every month and has now been extended until the end of 2018. That is, the euro (and other currencies do the same) will continue to be heavily inflated with basket adjustment and weak oil prices still on top, so we think we would not have strong inflation. And the interest on the money on your bank will stay close to zero or even get a minus sign soon!

Well, I’m off. Everything I have achieved and my goals can be seen in the attached chart, which is created by eToro and can be seen under my profile, of course without the additional lines and labels that are mine.

If you want to have save for your capital with good returns, then I think you are right with me, even if there are no guarantees for this. But I work every day with over 25 years of trading experience to ensure that yours and my capital get a good return on investment, with low risk and investment considerations.

If you have any further questions, please also submit me via my website, Facebook or LinkedIn.

I would be very pleased to continue to have your trust in the future.

Incidentally, target savings is possible with me. Start with a copy of initial capital and increase your investment each month by a defined amount.

And here again the note that from 2018 a minimum capital for copying $ 200 are required.

So you come good and healthy in the new year and I wish you a lucky hands for your future decisions.

Love and best regards


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