Hello Copier and Follower,

many thanks to all my copiers. Without you, it would just be work. With you it is a fulfilling task with joy for me.

The year 2017 ends with a very good 13.8% interest now. It was a turbulent year full of twists and turns, much of it triggered by the US. You know what I mean! But it was definitive in the month considering only the June, in which we had to accept strong fluctuations. Of course that was not nice, but as you can clearly see, it was not a broken leg, just annoying! 🙂 My trading this year was not modern or even hip, as everyone only had to buy Crypto currency and had a much better success. Congratulations for the courage. But that is not trading and certainly not sure what the Crypto currencies clearly showed in recent days and kept me away from taking action here.

I will continue to go from experience the safe and solid profit path and continue to provide as an alternative for you.

In the last 20 months, I have achieved a strong 28.1% now and on reaching the 2018 target, it will be a great 50.3%, and that in 32 months. No bank in the world offers such a yield value!

Of course, you also have all the many bank bailouts with a total of several trillions (European trillions) in mind and this money is printed by Mario Dragi every month and has now been extended until the end of 2018. That is, the euro (and other currencies do the same) will continue to be heavily inflated with basket adjustment and weak oil prices still on top, so we think we would not have strong inflation. And the interest on the money on your bank will stay close to zero or even get a minus sign soon!

Well, I’m off. Everything I have achieved and my goals can be seen in the attached chart, which is created by eToro and can be seen under my profile, of course without the additional lines and labels that are mine.

If you want to have save for your capital with good returns, then I think you are right with me, even if there are no guarantees for this. But I work every day with over 25 years of trading experience to ensure that yours and my capital get a good return on investment, with low risk and investment considerations.

If you have any further questions, please also submit me via my website, Facebook or LinkedIn.

I would be very pleased to continue to have your trust in the future.

Incidentally, target savings is possible with me. Start with a copy of initial capital and increase your investment each month by a defined amount.

And here again the note that from 2018 a minimum capital for copying $ 200 are required.

So you come good and healthy in the new year and I wish you a lucky hands for your future decisions.

Love and best regards


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